W4ZT's Teflon®* (virgin PTFE) Chimney
for the
This socket has a 6" plate, my Teflon® Chimney and a GS-35B in place
Teflon chimney for the GS-35B
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chimney mounting from below


chimney mounts are in the corners
Machined Solid Teflon®* (virgin *PTFE) Chimney

I can provide you a machined solid *Teflon® (virgin *PTFE) Chimney for your GS-35B project.

*Teflon is not cheap but this is NOT a cheap chimney. This is the REAL DEAL and, without a doubt, the best material available for the chimney in your amplifier project. It has the best resistance to RF fields and high voltages. It withstands temperatures up to 500 degrees F; far above any temperature you will encounter in a properly operating amp. At this time there is
no other solid *Teflon® Chimney available for the GS-35B anywhere in the world. My *Teflon® Chimney was first and it is the best.

This chimney is exactly what you will want to use for resisting high temperatures, extremely high voltages and RF fields up to and beyond the limits of the GS-35B under ALL operating conditions and frequencies.

This *Teflon® Chimney is approximately 1-1/2"H x 4"(ID) x 5"(OD) and is carefully machined to insure that it will fit the bottom of the GS-35B anode cooler. Sizes are approximate due to the availability of material.
I make this chimney specifically for this socket and the GS-35B. This *Teflon® Chimney can be used with other socket arrangements as long as your grid plate is recessed one inch below the chassis plate or you shim up the bottom of the *Teflon® Chimney. If you need one for a different arrangement or size, please contact me for a quote.

Click here for Sales Info: http://gs-35b.com/forsale.html

Your special requirements in *Teflon® material can be met. Please contact me for a quote.

NOTE: This chimney will work with the tube socket built by Tom Adams, WB8WJU (also supplied by Tom's Tubes). If you have mounted his socket using round head screws, you can either swap them with flat head screws or file a notch in the bottom edge of the chimney to clear the screw head. There is no groove cut on the chimney to use the old hold down clamps. If your socket is mounted vertical the weight of the chimney will keep it down in place. If it is mounted horizontal or inverted, you will have to attach the chimney to the chassis.

*Teflon® is PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE)
PTFE is a fluorocarbon-based polymer. It is commonly called Teflon® which is the registered trademark of DuPont. PTFE is also manufactured by other companies. It is available with or without filler materials to meet specific needs. The PTFE used here has no fillers and is called "virgin PTFE".