High Voltage Dummy Load
3,000 OHMS, 5,400 WATTS
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Completed HV Dummy Load. The copper coils occupy 24 inches top to bottom. They are just over 14 inches in diameter and the center ring is 2 inches in diameter. There are 45 layers of 6 resistors, each one being 400 OHMS @ 20 Watts for a total of 270 resistors. There is a strip of Lexan facing you (difficult to see in the picture) which has banana jacks mounted on it. The banana jacks are connected at the top (3k), bottom (0k), middle (1.5k) and at the 1k and 2k taps. The load is designed to be a 1 amp load at 3000 volts but can be a 1 amp load at any tap. The maximum capability of the total load is 5,400 watts.
Pictures taken before and during construction.
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