W4ZT Tuned Input Circuit
The ten meter circuit is closest to the tube and the 160 is nearest the input. Relay voltage is applied to select the band. If no voltage is applied, the input is connected straight through. The switching could be done with a rotary swich too.

I drew this schematic showing variable capacitors at the input and output. My intention is to use a fixed value at the input establishing a Q of 2 at 50 ohms. This may be several 500v dipped silver mica capacitors in parallel. The output will be a mica compression trimmer capacitor and, if needed, what ever dipped silver mica capacitors to bring the trimmer within range to match the tubes. This value will be determined at first experimentally. Then the values determined by that experiment will be measured and used to compute the other values. Those values will then be installed and tested and adjusted as necessary to obtain a good match. The coils will be wound with #18 wire on toroids. The 160, 80, 75 and 40 meter coils will be on T-68-2 red cores and 20, 15 and 10 will be on T-50-6 yellow cores. The coils have been wound and tested but the end values will be adjusted in circuit. The turns are not wound so tight that they can't be moved a little bit for minor adjustments. The output capacitance for the ten meter section is better placed right at the cathode of the tube rather than on the board. Put as much of that as you can with a small adjustment range in the compression trimmer. This will slightly reduce the output capacitance necessary on the board for each of the other bands as well.

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Component layout
This layout is for 7 bands which includes 80 and 75 meters on separate bands.
Trace layout, both sides